About the Practice

Stride Physical Therapy & Wellness was founded on the principle of providing high quality, individualized care; care that is not limited by what insurance companies determine to be appropriate. There are a number of attributes that make Stride unique from other physical therapy practices.

  • Appointments occur at home: All appointments take place in the comfort of a patient's own home, meaning that there is no need to factor in travel time to and from a clinic.
    • This is great for working individuals who would like to fit in a session before getting ready for work in the morning or maybe on their lunchbreak. 
    • It allows parents to address their own health and wellness without the added stress of finding childcare since they won't be leaving their house.
    • It's also ideal for patients who rely on others for a ride, as they can now schedule their appointment at a time that works best for them, instead of dealing with the stress of working around someone else's schedule. 
  • Patient-centered care: Developing goals for an episode of care is a collaboration between the patient and therapist, which means that the patient will receive an individualized plan that will help him or her get back to whatever it is that he or she wants to do.
  • Entire appointment is one on one with a Doctor of Physical Therapy: Unfortunately for the profession, this is not typically the case in a traditional outpatient clinic setting.  Many times a physical therapist will have to juggle 2 to 4 patient visits simultaneously, which makes it difficult to consistently provide precise, individualized care.
  • Direct Access: The state of New Jersey currently has what's called Direct Access, meaning a patient can be seen by a physical therapist without obtaining a physician's referral first. 
  • You can always reach the therapist directly: Whether it be via text, email or phone call, a patient can contact Linda directly to address any questions or concerns (or victories!) in between appointments.  Stride wants to get its patients back to doing what they love, faster, which is why we are there for our patients every step of the way.


Stride Physical Therapy is based out of Wayne, New Jersey and sees patients in many surrounding towns in Passaic County, northeastern Morris County, western Bergen County and northeastern Essex County.