Direct Access

The state of New Jersey currently has what's called Direct Access, meaning a patient can be seen by a physical therapist without obtaining a physician's referral first.  As long as a patient is making sufficient progress after 30 days, the patient can continue to be seen without physician intervention.  If, however, after 30 days a patient has not made reasonable progress, they will have to be referred to a physician at that time. 


Stride accepts traditional Medicare plans.  At this time, we do not participate with any commercial insurance plans, and therefore patients are responsible for payment at the time of the visit.  We are, however, happy to provide patients with Super Bills, which a patient can submit to his or her insurance company for possible reimbursement.**  We believe that with our practice model, we can get patients better faster, which ultimately means fewer PT visits and less money spent on care.   

** Submitting a Superbill to your insurance company does not guarantee payment.